Friday, September 16, 2005

Accountant: Life on the Streets

Apex Horror and Science Fiction Digest #3 containing my story Accountant: Life on the Streets is on sale! Editor Jason Sizemore has repeatedly described Issue 3 as:

Best. Issue. Ever

Jason Sizemore - Apex Digest

Who am I to disagree? Stories to look out for in the issue (by all acounts) include Meat Eaters by Sue Lange and Big Sister/Little Sister by Jennifer Pelland.

(Illustration by Billy Tackett for Apex Digest #3)

I've been looking forward to seeing Accountant in print for a looooong time. But I'm extremely nervous about how it will be received. Jason Sizemore is both bold and brave.

Apparently Jason has a broad chest and firm pecs as well. Or so he claims.


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