Thursday, September 15, 2005

Bourbon and Blood

Speaking of Tangent Online reviews, I noticed ASIM 19 has popped up.

Review for Bourbon and Blood:

For the second time this issue, a beautiful woman walks into a private detective’s office in Bryn Spark’s “Bourbon and Blood.” Rather than a new case, this skirt happens to be the heat, and things are going to be uncomfortably hot for our P.I. As with “The Big Cheat,” this story gets points from me just for being future-noir. The mood and the voice of the piece are excellent. The story itself, well, to be honest, didn’t click with me. It’s close to clicking, but it feels like there is just one plot detail somewhere that I’m missing. As always, the problem could be just with me being thick-headed rather than with the story, and the story has more than enough style to make it worth checking out either way.

Paul Iutzi - Tangent Online

Likes the style but didn't quite get the denouement. I've lived with that story for quite a while, so it is hard to look at it with completely fresh eyes. I think it is there, but I guess Bourbon and Blood might be one of those stories that takes two readings.


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