Tuesday, September 20, 2005


It had slipped my mind, but Peter Hagelslag (Apex Digest #2 contributor) gave a very flattering review of the first two parts of Grimm when they were first published by Apex Online. His short story, Thick and Thin, was one of the stand-outs of the same print issue of Apex within which my own Not for Children was published.

Here's the review as posted in the Apex Digest forum:

If both The Orpheus Project in Apex Online Issue #4 and The Janus Legacy in Apex Online Issue #5 are but a precursor of things to come, then the readers of both the Summer Issue of Apex Digest and Apex Online #6 are in for a treat.

Sparks demonstrates an uncanny ability in the building of narrative tension. Part 1 of Grimm sets the tone for a story arc of Cthulhuan proportions, starting off in an unnamed University of an non-descripit town where a lone professor delves into the great unknown in search for his lost love. In a haunting sequence continuously teetering on the brink of dream and reality the uncertain outcome, where Grimm must decide if the horrible confrontation he's been through was real or not, leaves the reader with the nightmarish feel of impending doom.

Also, when required, Sparks does not hesitate to rupture his almost dreamlike visions with a sharp shock of pure gore, as also part 2 of Grimm aptly exhibits. This Matrioshka-like telling has profound horror hiding in a tale within a tale. As the reader slowly peels away layer after layer of this horrific onion of a tale the stench of something truly rotten within becomes almost palpable.

The narrative distance of a historical documentary and the journal of a ship surgeon seems like a recipe for inducing sleep, but in Sparks' hands it becomes a device for for slowly, yet inexorably building up the tension, an edge-of-the-seat ride where the sudden moments of carnage are not a gimmick but an indispensable peak of terror.

For Sparks there is not only the great challenge of following up (and concluding) the high-strung suspense of Grimm parts 1 and 2 in the inevitable part 3, but also in meeting mounting reader expectations in the Summer Issue of Apex Digest... Not only that, but rumour has it that he is also converting his Grimm sequence into a graphic novel, and that he finds inspiration in the smallest of chambers.

-Peter Hagelslag, Apex Digest forum: Discuss the Authors

Since then I have published of all five parts, and completed the graphic adaptation of Part 1 and Part 2 in a single issue.

(1) The Orpheus Project
(2) The Janus Legacy
(3) The Artemis Ascendancy
(4) The Tantalus Effect
(5) The Prosperina Affair

Graphic Novel: The Orpheus Project -- with NEW Page-flip(tm) page-turning and essential-to-the-story nudity!


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