Thursday, September 15, 2005

Not for Children.

Never say that asking gets you nowhere. Following my post yesterday, Shane Cummings has officially expanded the consideration criteria for his Australian Dark Fantasy and Horror: Years Best anthology to include New Zealand and Pacific Island writers.

I have will have a copy of Apex #2 in the post to him this afternoon for his consideration of Not for Children.

Reviews for Not for Children include:

"Not For Children" is listed as being written by Bryn Sparks, but I tend to believe it was actually written by the Brothers Grimm’s older and even grimmer sibling. It is a fairy tale, told by a witch in a fairy tale, and however you put it together, it is dark. For fans of this rather narrow subgenre, this is a winner. If you consider Hans Christian Anderson and his ilk only suitable for children, even when everyone is dying, you’ll want to move along.

Mathew Foster - Tangent Online

[...]"Not For Children" by Bryn Sparks provides a well-crafted ending to the main fiction section. It’s a kind of allegorical tale within an allegorical tale, along the lines of be careful what you wish for, and be wary where you tread. A young man seeks the ‘favours’ of the beautiful ‘Woman of the Caves’. But all is not as it seems with this woman, and the young man’s lust is also his undoing. And while the witch’s spell takes effect, we are treated to a story within a story, where the desert near the caves is shown to be no place for children. I must admit to being a little confused as to how the two portions of the tale are really supposed to mesh together. It’s one of those tales that has you scratching your head a little, as if the real meaning is slightly fogged. It does, however, make for entertaining reading.

Steven Pirie - Whispers of Wickedness

"Not For Children" plays out more like a fantasy, but the engaging take on a Brother's Grimm classic is deliciously dark.

Customer review - Project Pulp


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