Monday, November 21, 2005

The Tangled Dead

I entered the Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest Halloween competition for a Science Fiction Ghost Story (2000 word max), which closed for submissions last Friday. The top 12 submissions are being forwarded to a celebrity panel comprising Ben Bova, Jason Marchi, and M.M. Buckner.

Writing as an unknown from New Zealand is such an uphill battle, so getting exposure to genre stalwarts such as them is a fantastic prize in and of itself.

This e-mail came from Apex Digest editor Jason Sizemore today:

Congratulations! Your story was selected as one of the
twelve sent to our finalist panel of Ben Bova, Jason March, and M.M. Buckner.

The panel will be choosing a winner and top four in the next three to
five days.

Jason Sizemore

Perhaps more significantly for me, is that my entry The Tangled Dead is the first completely original prose (unrelated to previous work) I have written since Whiskey in the Jar (Aoife's Kiss #11, Dec 2004).

The prizes for the competition are:

First Prize:

  • $100

  • Publication of story in issue four of Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest.

  • Subscription to Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest (if already a subscriber, four issues will be added to their subscription).

  • "Alien Head" Apex t-shirt
  • Interviewed in the January 2006 edition of Apex Online.
  • Signed copy of Orson Scott Card's "Characters and Viewpoints"
  • Signed copy of Mary Doria Russell's "The Sparrow" and "Children of God"
  • Signed Special Limited Edition Hardcover of Brian Keene's novel "Terminal". This is #199 of 400.
  • Printer proof signed copy of Barry Maher's cult novel "Legend"
  • Signed paperback copy of Bryan Smith's novel "House of Blood"
  • DVD Box set of X-Files "Black Oil" donated by
  • DVD Box set third season of "Roswell" donated by
  • DVD of movie "Written in Blood" signed by director Simon Cox and cast
  • "Sin-Jin Smyth" movie poster signed by director Ethan Dettenmaier and cast
  • Signed copy of Steve Savile's rare "Houdini's Last Illusion"
  • Signed UK hardcover copy of Sherrilyn Kenyon's "Sins of the Night"
  • Signed galley copy of M.M. Buckner's latest novel, "War Surf"
  • Signed paperback copy of JA Konrath's "Whiskey Sour"
  • Signed CD from Midnight Syndicate - The Thirteenth Hour
  • Second, Third, and Fourth Prize:
  • $25
  • Subscription to Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest (If already a subscriber, four additional issues will be added to their subscription)
  • Publication of story in Apex Online


    Blogger Mari Adkins said...

    Good luck, Bryn!

    1:41 PM  
    Blogger Bryn Sparks said...

    Hey thanks very much, Mari.

    I'm just so stoked to be read by the high-calibre folks on the judging panel.

    Anything more will be icing on the cake.

    1:46 PM  
    Blogger ierne said...

    Good luck Bryn!

    9:26 PM  
    Anonymous Martin said...




    (I'll be entering next year, if it's on again!)

    Good luck, it's a huge thing just to make the top twelve. Blummin' heck, Ben Bova's reading your story...

    12:08 AM  

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